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Anyone who ever had to seek assistance with senior care options has had an encounter with at least one of the common shortcomings of senior care industry: speedy placements that mostly ignore individual needs, limited care options due to an artificially shortened list of providers, or the inability to get any help with understanding insurance coverage and legal options.

At Freedom Senior Advisors, Inc., our goal is to ensure that the placement and services we provide are 100% appropriate.

We are caring and compassionate individuals working within a team of healthcare professionals. Our people are what make us different!

We have a team of Registered Nurses and staff that have worked clinically in hospitals and community care for over 50 years, caring for senior patients with chronic diseases. Our staff has access to experts in Medicare, Medi-Cal/Medicaid and veterans’ benefits. As a result, we can truly anticipate the needs of a patient and we can guide you through this difficult time with certainty.

Freedom Senior Advisors, Inc.’s placement service is always FREE.

Whether recommending home care options or helping select a facility where our clients can receive the care they need, you will not be charged for the time we spend working with you – we receive compensation from the service providers and facilities we work with.

Freedom Senior Advisors, Inc. also has a trusted network of legal professionals able to help with complicated legal forms, including durable power of attorney, conservatorship, guardianship, wills and trusts.

In addition, we offer fee-based Private Case Management and Concierge services.  Clients who are looking for more than just a placement or recommendation can request additional services, such as a home assessment, visits to residential facilities with a RN, assistance with legal documentation or coordinating estate sales.

No request is too challenging for us and your peace of mind is our goal.

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